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Thriving... in the face of breast cancer
a virtual retreat series

About the Series

We’ve brought together a Certified Yoga Instructor,  a Clinical Psychologist, a Life and Wellness Coach, and an Art Therapist who work to support those impacted by breast cancer thrive after cancer.  

This retreat will create a safe, empowering space to dispel myths, normalize the realities of survivorship and build on your unique strengths to put the pieces back together after breast cancer. 

This 4 -part experiential retreat will focus on a different theme each session, integrating The Body, Mind, Spirit, and Self.

Event Dates

Feb 6, 2021 11a – 2p EST
Mar 20, 2021 11a – 2p EST
May 1, 2021 11a – 2p EST
Jun 5, 2021 11a – 2p EST


Single Session $75
Full Retreat Pass $250 (Savings of $50)

Individual Workshops

Session 1: Body

Cancer Wellness:
How and Why is this happening to ME?

A cancer diagnosis is truly life-altering, both emotionally and physically. Many times you are at the effect of your treatments and your limitations. In this session, we will begin to unravel what it means to have cancer and look at the physical and emotional aspects impacting your life. We will also breakdown that dreaded medical terminology and what your diagnosis actually means.

Yoga 4 Cancer- Reconnect with your body

Cancer can sometimes make us feel disconnected or betrayed by our bodies. Yoga is the union of the mind, body, and spirit. It helps us to focus our attention inward and create a deeper connection with ourselves. In addition, yoga has been shown to manage symptoms and side effects related to cancer treatments, and improve the immune system. Our body is one of our greatest gifts and taking care of it is one way to thrive beyond breast cancer. In this session, you will be guided through a gentle Yoga 4 Cancer practice.

Sexual Wellbeing After Cancer:
Reconnecting to your body to reconnect with your sexuality

Sexual changes after cancer can impact 40-100% of cancer survivors.  The dynamic interplay between physiological, emotional and social changes all interact during and after cancer treatment.   Fortunately, there are psychological and medicinal strategies that can improve sexual wellbeing.  Unfortunately, there’s a gap between those who need the support and those who actually receive it.  This seminar aims to heighten awareness of physical sexual changes after cancer and offer concrete strategies cancer survivors and their partners can do to improve sexual wellbeing.

Art Therapy:
Gently reconnecting with your body with art therapy

Thriving following a cancer diagnosis means that you need to reestablish your relationship with your body. Cancer’s impact leaves your body with many physical and emotional needs, and it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin. In this experiential workshop, you’ll learn the art therapy practice of cellular meditation. When practiced regularly, it allows you to gently reconnect and take care of your body one cell at a time.

Session 1: Mind
Cancer Wellness:
I have cancer. Now what?

A cancer diagnosis often leaves us overwhelmed and with many thoughts ranging from “Why me?” to “I got this!” In this session, we will begin to explore ways to successfully navigate your treatment journey and provide the tools you can use towards moving forward with a positive mindset. We will then create a mental shift toward looking forward to your future.

Restorative Yoga- Quieting the Mind

Beyond the physical implications of a breast cancer diagnosis, there are also mental implications that may not be addressed or acknowledged during and sometimes after treatment. A cancer diagnosis often puts us in a state of constant fight or flight but we need to rest and digest to maintain a state of equilibrium. Restorative yoga provides our body and mind the opportunity to heal and restore through a slow and grounded practice. It allows you to drop out of the thinking mind and to just be in the moment you are in. During this session, you will be guided through a restorative yoga practice.

Sexual Wellbeing After Cancer:
Befriending your thoughts to assert your sexuality

The psychological, emotional, and social impact of cancer is real. This seminar aims to normalize these changes with data and provide concrete personalized strategies to manage negative thoughts inhibiting intimacy and connection. Mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral approaches will be taught and practiced for an experiential session to send you off with tools to practice.

Art Therapy:
Taming fears, boosting resiliency with art therapy

Your mind is a beautiful thing and cancer can wreak havoc with it. In this experiential workshop, we’ll use SCANxiety to demonstrate how your brain’s protective functions can work against you, making it feel impossible to tame your fears. You’ll experience how art therapy can help your mind work through the PTSD triggers it’s hanging onto, while giving you new tools for responding to the stress provoked by screenings and scans.

Session 1: Spirit

Cancer Wellness:
What are my beliefs now?

We will clearly define your life vision and the things that matter to you now. We will look at how to remove anything that isn’t working for you skillfully, and we begin making plans to keep you moving forward beyond your fear of recurrence. We will also examine what it means to trusting yourself, resiliency, and finding your tribe.

Yoga Nidra for Spirituality

A breast cancer diagnosis can sometimes shake or even cause one to question their spirituality. Yoga helps us to maintain the union between our mind, body, and spirit. Yoga nidra is the practice of yogic sleep and has been shown to heal the mind, body, and spirit and support a deeper connection to universal consciousness. In this session, you will be guided through a yoga nidra practice to focus on aligning the crown chakra- the center of spirit, universal consciousness, and connection to the divine or higher guidance.

Sexual Wellbeing After Cancer:
Being present to uncertainty to harness the power of your sexuality

Above the uncertainty of life after cancer, the COVID crisis has added another dimension of uncertainty to cope with. Now the whole world has had a taste of the “new normal”. This session will lean on mindfulness and existential strategies to explore your fears in a safe space and be present through them.

Art Therapy:
Facing uncertainty while thriving with art therapy

Living with uncertainty is the hurdle everyone diagnosed with cancer must face. To thrive, you must work through how the four universal fears impact your connection with spirit; however, you define it. Using relaxation techniques and art therapy, you’ll learn new ways to ground, neutralize, and process your fears in order to restore your innate resiliency.

Session 1: Self / Identity

Cancer Wellness:
How can I get myself out of this?

We will create an action plan that you are excited about and guide you to start taking daily actions into a new chapter in your life. We will define what it means to live courageously and to be unstoppable in the face of fear.

Yoga Nidra for Self Love

Self-love is the ultimate love! Sometimes when going through cancer, there is a loss of self-love and self-worth. All of us are worthy and deserving of pure, unconditional love. Yoga helps us to connect with our true, highest self. You will be guided through a yoga nidra session that focuses on aligning the heart chakra. When the heart chakra is in alignment, there are feelings of connection, unconditional love, and joy.

Sexual Wellbeing After Cancer:
Integrate your cancer journey into your sexual narrative

You are fabulous! All of you!! We’ll explore how your story has inhibited you from fully expressing your sexuality and fostering disconnect. We’ll do some tweaking and finessing of your story. Through this process, we’ll explore all the sides of you to integrate them into your updated narrative.

Art Therapy:
Reclaiming yourself by telling your story with art therapy

Who you are and how you see yourself is a constantly evolving process that lasts your entire lifetime. Telling the story of what’s happened to you helps you to make meaning and find closure. However, cancer is not an easy story to tell because you compartmentalize it to survive. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to break down the story into chapters. You’ll experience how art therapy can release what your subconscious has been holding onto, giving you the opportunity to reclaim yourself.

Meet Our Presenters

Melissa Adams, CYT- 200, 300, Yoga 4 Cancer


Melissa Adams is the author of Behind the Pink Ribbon and founder/host of Behind the Pink Ribbon podcast. Melissa found yoga through her own breast cancer journey, which was a pivotal part of her recovery. Her personal experience with yoga led her to become a certified yoga instructor. She has training in vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, yoga nidra, trauma informed yoga, and adaptive yoga. She also has a specialized certification in Yoga 4 Cancer. Melissa teaches classes virtually in a group or one-on-one setting. For more information or to connect with Melissa send an email to

Catalina Lawsin, Ph.D.


Over the last two decades, Dr Catalina Lawsin has been a clinical psychologist, researcher, and professor in the field of psycho-oncology addressing cancer’s impact on relationships and sexual wellbeing. Through this experience she has learned that intimate connection is essential for and a key marker of our overall wellness. Dr. Catalina provides individual and couples therapy from a relational perspective using evidence-based strategies stemming from mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral and attachment research in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and online for clients living in CA, NY and IL.For additional support and resources to connect go to

Lori Marini, MHS, PA (ASCP), ICF ACC


Lori Marini is a motivational coach who specializes in empowering women during and after their healing journey. Lori guides her clients to their higher purpose on many levels as a tumor expert, a life, wellness, and cancer coach, and more importantly, a breast cancer warrior. Lori understands what you have been through and what you have to overcome and has a proven record of getting your life back to doing the things you love! The best part is you won’t have to do it alone since she offers 1-1, group coaching, and programs.

Stephanie McLeod-Estevez, LCPC


Stephanie McLeod-Estevez, LCPC, is an art therapist and breast cancer survivor. She was a busy, working mom when she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Stephanie started Creative Transformations to provide the information and tools necessary for healing emotionally from cancer. Stephanie works in person and virtually, to learn more about her offerings and read her #TherapyThursday blog, please visit

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