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Christine Corrigan

November 10, 2020, Author: Melissa Adams


Episode Description:

Christine Corrigan is my guest on this episode. She shares her story as a two-time cancer survivor. Her initial diagnosis of cancer came as a teenager followed by a diagnosis of breast cancer thirty-five years later. Christine recently finished her book titled Again: Surviving Cancer Twice with Love and Lists.

Show Notes:

Christine Corrigan was initially diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as she was entering her sophomore
year of high school. At the time of her diagnosis and treatment, she wasn’t told and didn’t realize that she had cancer. Once it was completed, she and her family never really talked about it again.

Thirty-five years later in March 2016, at the age of 49, Christine was diagnosed with triple-positive, stage 1, grade 3 breast cancer. Christine talked about receiving a second diagnosis of cancer after so many years out from her first diagnosis. She received the news of her diagnosis on an ordinary evening and thought to herself that this could not be happening again. She knew in that moment that the life she had was going to completely change.

Christine talked about sharing the news with her children. While she had planned to share the news with her children at the same time, it didn’t turn out the way that she had intended. Her children responded differently to hearing the news. This experience inspired her to include a chapter in her book on how to not tell your children you have cancer.

Christine talked about her course of treatment. She underwent chemotherapy. Given the details of her diagnosis and a prior cancer diagnosis, Christine opted for a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. She did not want to live in the fear and anxiety of a possible third diagnosis of cancer.

Christine’s book, Again: Surviving Cancer Twice with Love and Lists is now available for purchase.