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Behind the Pink Ribbon with Melissa Adams, Breast Cancer Podcast

A podcast featuring
real people, sharing real stories of
their breast cancer journey.

A podcast featuring
real people, sharing real stories of
their breast cancer journey.

Behind the Pink Ribbon Podcast with Melissa Adams

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About the Show

Breast cancer is more than the pink ribbon that symbolizes the disease; it is not pink nor is it pretty. It can be a messy, devastating, life-altering, and lonely journey. The women and men represented by the pink ribbon may have the same disease, but everyone’s story is different. Behind the Pink Ribbon is a weekly podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of breast cancer survivors to uncover the reality of what lies behind the pink ribbon. We bring on experts in oncology, genetics, plastic surgery, nutrition, and more to provide information on topics specific to breast cancer. We also bring on organizations that offer resources, services, and support to breast cancer survivors and their caregivers.

This podcast will bring you stories of inspiration and hope, and a reminder that you are not alone in this journey. It will provide you with information and resources to be your own best advocate as you navigate through your journey of breast cancer.

The Host

Melissa Adams is a genetic breast cancer survivor from Pittsburgh, PA, currently residing in Phoenix, AZ. She was diagnosed with Stage 2A invasive ductal carcinoma and carcinoma-in-situ at the age of 31 years in March 2007. Her cancer was estrogen and progesterone positive. Despite being told that her paternal grandmother, who passed away from ovarian cancer, was too distant, genetic testing revealed that Melissa is a positive carrier of the BRCA-2 mutation from an estranged biological father.

Over the course of 7 years, Melissa underwent 11 surgeries: a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, 30 rounds of radiation therapy, which ultimately damaged the implant and resulted in several reconstructive surgeries. She was prescribed Tamoxifen for 5 years and took part in a research study to further explore the drug. Melissa underwent a hysterectomy and oophorectomy to reduce her risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Melissa has been actively involved in breast cancer advocacy and awareness. She served as a mentor to those newly diagnosed with breast cancer and as a guest speaker at local and national breast cancer events and cancer symposiums. She is the founder of an online group called Cancer Fighting Princess, a blogger, and now a podcaster. She is a dragon boat athlete and is the coach for the internationally recognized Phoenix Desert Dragons, Arizona’s only breast cancer survivor dragon boat team.

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